In Search of the Last Agora (2018)

An Illustrated Documentary

So how come we have to re-enchant politics? This means that it used to be enchanting and that we've somehow lost the magic. There is one brilliant woman we ought to thank for this insight - without her, it would have been much harder to understand the state of politics today. Hannah Arendt. The political theorist's ideas on modernity are extremely illuminating. The movie below illustrates her words, drawn from passages in The Human Condition (1958). A 50 minute film that may confuse the hell out of you - and may be quite dense to handle in one go. That said, we promise that by the end of your viewing, you will have learned at least one important facet of our political and social landscape. That insight, so present in most of Arendt's works, will change your perspective and drive you to see the power of your individual voice.