DIY Creative Activism: A Handbook 

So what kind of campaign can you run by yourself? It ought not cost money - or harassing your friends to join you, again. Feel free to flip through our A-Z guide. It reminds you of community members in your local surroundings that may be interested to join your campaign. 

How to convince the local nightclub, the retail store down the block or the mailman at the front door to join your campaign? Learn about creative initiatives from history that have maximized ordinary people's potential for political action. Observe fun visuals that explain the best way to mobilize people for your cause. Finally, challenge yourself with a fun card game in the book's last section. 

If you are a university or NGO, we can workshop this book with your participants and train them to expand their creativity and think critically about organizing. This can be set up free of charge, as long as transportation is sorted. A physical copy can also be purchased on Amazon.