Career Coaching on Aesthetics

Aesthetics - that which one perceives through the senses - have historically hindered social progress. Think of Socrates, sentenced to death at the grip of Athenian public perception. In today's Instagram age, everyone must curate a certain profile. We are all given opportunities based on the 'vibe' we give off - auditioned actors, endorsed influencers, elected officials, interviewed candidates. The whole world is a stage, as Shakespeare thought, and your costume is expected to speak on your behalf. 


What if your social mask doesn't reflect your true beliefs or capacities? From typecast artists and closeted athletes to politicians deemed too young or migrants seen too foreign, Boumerang is here for you. There are endless ways to re-shape public perceptions. We can work on publications, training materials and re-positioning strategies to get your personal brand to reflect your true ideals without damaging its credibility. We also love to coach aspiring talent who are yet to make a name for themselves but who worry about future public perceptions. 

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Authored by Rayyan Dabbous from New York University, the report below is aimed for queer footballers, whose sexuality is perceived to contradict their media appearance and potential 'masculine' commercial endorsements. PDF version here